Power Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow can be found in almost all gyms and most studios.  The definition of vinyasa is connecting breath with movement.  The flow is to move seamlessly through each series with linking poses.  Essentially, the flow becomes like a dance especially during Sun Salutation A & B.

Power Vinyasa Flow uses the fundamentals of the Vinyasa Flow principles but with more POWER.  Power yoga incorporates more athleticism, emphasizing stamina, endurance and building muscle strength.  Heat is usually used to speed up the body internal temperature so that the detoxing twists are safe on the body.  These classes are intense and full of high energy.

I have had some opportunities to practice teach with various instructors.  It is amazing how different the experience is with each person.  Some teachers teach with what a call a ‘teacher voice’ – somewhat soothing at times, which is different from how my voice have been described.  I have been told I can be militant, barking out cues to my students.  Then there was a class when I was being so casual and friendly that I sounded flirty…I guess you can’t please everyone 🙂

One of the things I’ve realized is the tone, the non-verbal communication that everyone sends out.  The traditional Vinyasa Flow instructors have a more soothing, nurturing tone as they deliver their classes.  For me, I have more command and passion as I teach.    I had a great time learning from the instructors but I also acknowledged my own strength.  I create an ‘experience’ for my students – a journey that I take with them through a challenging, fun and creative flow.  Teaching is a way in which I share my love of yoga to anyone that would take my class.

The gift of being a full-time yoga instructor is teaching as much as I possible can.  With that, every class is different.  Depending on the energy of the students, class size and whatever speaks to me at the moment, my students and I co-create an exciting journey together.  This is the creativity that I lacked in my career as a commercial interior designer – remodeling government offices around the nation.  Every time, I make that statement people immediately understand why my passion had shifted!  I love teaching yoga and I love teaching Power Vinyasa Flow because I can help my students bring out their inner power through a vigorous practice that stretch not only their body but also their mind and spirit.


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