Teacher Training

I have been assisting Teacher Training at Dancing Mind Yoga for the last 3 semesters.  It is wonderful experience to be a part of the students’ lives for six months.  The growth and transformations that occur are anything short of personal miracles.  I have seen big and small breakthroughs that mirror the ones I have in my life.

This teacher training that just ended was especially touching to me.  I have became close to quite a few of the graduates.  These men and women are so powerful in their own right.  Stepping up to many challenges, perhaps with fear in their eyes at first but then a BIG SMILE that touches your heart when everything is said and done.  They are the reason why my life is so enriched.

The power of transformation is your willingness to be aware of the patterns in your life that is not working and taking action into becoming a more powerful person.

Transformation looks different to everyone.  One of my transformation was being able to look into the mirror and accept the Asian woman looking right back at me.  For years, I didn’t want to see her.  I wanted to be an American.  I didn’t want to be like my mom, the woman that works all day and then come home right into the kitchen to prepare food for our family.  It took me almost 30 years to appreciate my mom, the hero of my life.  She is one of the most amazing woman I know.  She left Vietnam when she was 7 months pregnant because she wanted me to have a mother when I came to America and she wanted her unborn child to have a father.  She risked her life so that I can have a family.

After going to my first bootcamp in Feb 2010, I made efforts to come to terms with the resentments I held for my parents.  I was a spoiled brat, always comparing the way they ‘favored’ my brothers over me.  I overlooked that they had paid for the majority of my college education and my first two cars.  I have a pretty easy and good life.  Christmas 2010 was when I finally sat down with them to ask them for forgiveness.  I poured my heart out and I felt like a ton of bricks lifted off my shoulders.  A few weeks later, I called my parents asking them if they would take a trip back to Vietnam with me.  I wanted to share my first trip back to my homeland with the people who had given up so much for me.  And they did.  My trip was my biggest connection to both my parents.  I saw the homes where they grew up.  I saw the home and neighborhood I lived in as a child.  I totally embraced my own history and it was so beautiful to have shared it with my mom and dad.

This journey that I am on…will be full of transformations.  I share my stories with my students not to put myself on a pedestal.  My journey had not been easy.  It is full of heart aches, tears (they are falling right now as I type), laughter, joy and most of all peace.  I believe yoga heals the soul.  Teacher training is not just for people who want to teach yoga, it’s for everyone who wants to connect first with WHO they are to better connect to those around them.

To my winter 200HR TT group, thank you for allowing me to share your personal transformations in the last 6 months.  I am honored you have opened up me to and enriched my life.


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