To be authentic is to be who you are, worts and all…

But what does it really look like when you are trained to speak a certain way?  You carry out a message with certain alignment cues, conveying your ‘knowledge’ of where each body parts should be during each pose.  Teaching yoga starts to become a script.

At first the script serves a purpose, bring ease into the FEAR of standing before a class, 60, 75, 90 minutes and not knowing exactly how to lead these people through a series of yoga poses.  I love the Bapiste practice, Journey Into Power.  I know exactly what is coming next, within my own practice and while I am teaching.  It took me about 6 months to get into the groove of teaching and I began to be confident in my knowledge of ‘the flow’.  Then comes the infamous feedback…let’s show some authenticity…share with your students WHO you really are.  I was like, “WHAT?”

There are so many sides to who I am at any given moment.  I can be funny, witty, smart, charming, sweet, caring, powerful and yes sometimes the Bitch in me comes outs.  I struggled with how much of me I want to reveal to people all the time.  There are people I can trust, that I respect that will uphold that trust so that I can really be myself.  There are those that I need to choose my words very carefully around.  Does that make me fake?  No, it just makes me reveal a different side of me.

I believe that I am a genuine person and I do have morals and standards.  I have integrity and I speak MY truth.  And that’s just it…My own personal truth.  I have learned through my journey that life isn’t a safe place.  Our world today is not kind.  Most people are not kind.  I have been very blessed to have loving parents who have instilled rich values into my life.    I have a small group of friends that truly believes in me when I don’t believe in myself.  I have FAITH in GOD that HE will never give me too much I can’t handle.  And with all of that I speak My OWN personal truth when I teach.  That authenticity may look different every day and every class…but it is who I am at that every moment.  I am a human being, with lots of emotions at this point in my life.  When I am on my mat, I find a sense of safety to be who I am.  To really look within myself to SEE the person that is on my mat.  I honor my students and their journey when they step on their mats.  They are free to show who they are – shine their authenticity in a loving and safe environment.


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