Partner Yoga

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FUN, not a common associated word with yoga.  When you ask people what they think about yoga, words like stretching, relaxation, meditation, downdog come to mind.  I was introduced to Partner Yoga a few years ago.  The teachers in my regular classes told me, “You have to do it, it’s SO MUCH FUN!”  With her enthuisam I signed up and invited one of my friends with me.  I had alot of fear that came up, like – “OMG, I am gonna FALL.  I/She can’t support my weight.  I’m fat!”  I sorts of stuff went through my mind.  But I told myself I paid $30 to be here, I better get my money’s worth out of it, even if I fall, I gotta try this stuff.  So I did.  I faced my fears.  I did the crazy planks stack and it was FUN!

It’s amazing the things we tell ourselves we can’t do.  Even before we make an attempt, we set ourselves up for failure.  Why?  What can happen if we just say to ourselves, “That looks interesting, I’m not sure how I’m going to do it but let me have an open-mind and see what happens.”  That’s when we have our own personal breakthroughs.  It can be small but still significant because we choose to do something about our fears.  That is empowering and with something like trying out a new pose – stacking plank – it can be a physical and psychological breakthrough while having FUN!


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