Foundations of the Flow @ Yoga Bliss Studios

I’m so excited to have my first workshop at the inviting Yoga Bliss Studios in Gaithersburg, MD!

In this 2.5 hr workshop you will learn the Fundamentals of the Bapiste Power Vinyasa Flow.  The keys components (5 Pillars) of the practice will be explained.  The flow will be broken down highlighting various poses to bring more understanding of the psychology within each sequence.  Then we will put everything into ACTION with an invigorating 90 min Bapiste class with TWO ASSISTANTS!

I am thrilled to bring along two of my friends whom I’ve worked with to be a part of my teaching team for this workshop.  Assistants are angels that go through the room and practice along with you.  They help you find ease and show you where you can take your pose to it’s fullest extension.  Your practice will be elevated to another level after this workshop.  Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to STEP into YOUR POWER!


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