You can’t handle the TRUTH!

One of my favorite movies is A FEW GOOD MEN.

Cover of "A Few Good Men (Special Edition...

Cover of A Few Good Men (Special Edition)

Not only was it intense with some of the most talented actors –  Tom Cruise, Demi Moore and Jack Nickolson but it also makes you ponder about how much it costs us to live in today’s society.

The most famous lines from that movie is when Jack Nickolson said to Tom Cruise, “You want the truth?  You can’t HANDLE the truth!”

Wow, every time I watch that part, it sends chills down my spine.  There is so much tension, righteousness, honesty and arrogance that you can’t help but love and hate Jack at the same time.  His character spoke HIS TRUTH, that for most of us was hard to hear.  The truth sometimes is just like that movie…difficult to face and not easy to listen to.

Living my truth has been interesting the last few months.  I have walked away from my corporate career of 10 years to seek MY TRUTH as a full time yoga instructor.  I am driving the car that I love and really isn’t that economically smart.  I love my V6, speed-racer and handy-dandy back-up camera but the price of gas these days really digs deep into my shallow pocket book.  I am living in one of the most expensive cities in the US, competiting with a ton of other yoga teachers to teach as much as I can so I can pay my bills.  Taking jobs that pays $25-40/class and driving 10-20 miles to do it.

Is this really living my truth?  Is it worth it?  That’s what people have asked me.  And I want to give them my best impression of Jack Nickolson, “You want the truth?  You can’t handle the truth!”

But I realize that my frustrations is just THAT…Can I really handle the truth, Why am I doing this?

Many days, I am sitting in traffic – driving out of my way to go somewhere to teach.  If you need to practice patience, get onto the beltway in the DC, Maryland, Virginia area (I-495, 395 or 95) from 3:30-7pm and you will understand exactly what I mean…

I get to my destination, making sure I don’t park anywhere that I could be towed.  Going in to find my room.  Then the magic happens.  I am one with my students.  We are for the next 60-75 minutes embraced in a yogic dance.  Sometimes, someone will ask a random question in class which will catch me off guard but it keeps me on my toes.  I am grateful for the extensive training I have had at my parent studio and the two bootcamps I attended with Baron Bapiste.  I now teach with a certainty that this format truly works.  I come in each class to empower my students to their physical edge.  I have no idea if they will achieve a sense of peace or spiritual enlightenment most people strive for in their practice but at least I can share in their journey.  Every class is different and that’s what makes this career path a source of creativity for me.  I am a vessel and something happens as I teach.  When I am truly present with my students, I am energized and I feel we share a beautiful vinyasa dance.  I can feel each pose as I look at them and give cues.  Sometimes, I walk away drenched like I have done the practice with them.  I am exhausted, in need of a shower then a good meal with a glass of wine or bottle of beer!  It feels fricken incredible.

So Can I really handle the truth?

Yes.  I know I will not become a millionaire in the traditional sense.  But the joy and appreciation that I receive from  my students are worth more than money.  And what’s more is I am truly inspired and empowered by my students!  Yeah, that is my truth…I am making a difference in people’s lives and the truth is GOOD.


2 thoughts on “You can’t handle the TRUTH!

  1. YOU GO HA!!!!! You are working so hard and putting all of yourself out there but you’re lucky to have a job that is fufilling and gives back to all of us and we’re lucky to have you 🙂

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