Yoga saves my body

I’ve been taking a few new aerobics classes to get back into shape.  I’ve found myself gaining a few pounds with the winter hibernation and my part-time job at a really good local restaurant.  Being 5′-2″, every few pounds can be visibility seen but at the same time, you can see the results of a weight lost pretty quickly too.

Last week, I took a step class that incorporated weights.  We worked on cardio then did a few rounds of upper body strength building.  My body was completely SORE the next day.  The recovery lasted 2 days and a nice massage helped my tensed muscles relaxed.  At the end of the week, I took a Zumba class which was a blast!  I continued on with another Step class and then a Cardio Kickboxing class.  OMG!  My body have not felt such intense cardio vigor in awhile.  I remember telling myself how much I need yoga as I was trying Not to trip over my own two feet.

I love the feeling of being a student in classes where no one knows me.  I’m a beginner but I found myself really enjoying the feeling of being lost. I can mess up and no one really cares.  And that includes me!  As I step back onto my mat, there is a whole new sense of appreciation for my passion.  I get a different total body workout with Bapiste Power Vinyasa Flow.  I find my strength in my practice.  I also find ease in the modifications that my body needs.  I now find the therapeutic element that yoga provides my body.  It’s incredible the wonders of yoga!

I have never been into sports but if my body can find relief and recovery after doing aerobic exercises, I can only imagine with it can do for people who are athletes.  The mental boost that occurs also makes me want to go back and take those classes so I can improve.  The burn doesn’t scare me because I know my body will heal quicker and stronger.




2 thoughts on “Yoga saves my body

  1. Ahh yes, there is a nice symbiotic relationship between hard workouts and yoga (I quite often use power yoga as recovery workout) and so do my girls 🙂

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