I have been noticing transitions in my teaching and my life more clearly.

I was told I spoke a lot about possibilities during my first year of teaching.  It was about reaching and striving for something more in your life.  Empowerment and inspiration was what I wanted to give my students with a touch of laughter and fun.  That was when I shared with my students, Ha-bonics.  This term came about when I dated a man that would tell me how often I put a spin on words and he had no idea what I was talking about.  He coined, Ha-bonics and it broke the tension between us when we were about to get into a fight.  I share with my students how much I disliked my name growing up because everyone make jokes.  I was very close to changing my first name when I became a citizen but my mom told me there is meaning to my name and it would hurt her if I changed it.  Yes, the guilt trip works most of the time…Ha-bonics took on a life of it own with my students and friends.  They would share with me new words that just cracked me up.  It was a great way to connect and bring about some fun from something that hurt me as I grew up.

This year, my teaching have been a lot more focused on the body.  I was trained to shift and focus on the physicality of the Bapiste practice.  People were sweating bullets in my classes and I’ve been told I’m one of the hardest teachers they have ever had.  Some of the feedbacks that were given was that people felt I was militant, bootcamp and very ‘gym’ like.  The students that had taken my class either love me or hate me.  I took that as I was really being myself, you will know exactly what you are getting from my classes. I also had been playing with the transitions and having fun flowing people differently in every class.

Now, I am working on balancing the physicality with the spiritual aspect that people tend to seek while in a yoga class.  I don’t want to compromise the Bapiste practice in any way but I feel that I have honed in and really fine tuned my teaching that now, it’s time to wander into something new.  I have found that in teaching, I am always in some sort of transition and that’s what makes it such a creative profession.  My classes shift as I grow as a teacher and most of my students have stuck by me for which I am so grateful.  I have been adding in some guided meditation at the end of my classes so that my students can fully integrate their practice into their body.  I haven’t changed the physicality but I want to allow some extra time so that people leave my class with a deeper sense of peace.  I have seen that people are leaving my class in a much more calm manner.

I have no idea what other transitions are ahead but it comes and I just embrace it.  I love having the luxury  to explore where my teaching will lead me ❤



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