The bell curve

Power vinyasa yoga is a dance between movements and breath.  There is a rhythm that is built like a bell curve.  The breath is the essential element that connects everyone together.  It is the heartbeat that carries one from pose to pose with vitality.

As an instructor I am able to paint each class with the help of my students.  I watch them move.  Look at what is going on in the room in regards to the energy.  How do I build the heat and where?  What tools can I use to create that inner fire?  How do I keep everyone focused, come to the edge without burning people out?  How do I hold my students accountable but yet have a lightness in class so that the students know that I understand what they are going through at that very moment?  That is what I create in every class.  And it never gets boring when I live in the moment.

Living in the moment sometimes means getting really messy.  I have students that talk to me during class.  Yes, that means a full conversation.  I have students grunting in class as though they are lifting weights.  I have people laughing, crying, sighing, falling and sometimes they actually roll up their mats and leave.

I forget the names of the poses.  It took me forever to learn my right from my left.  I couldn’t count for the longest time…I am not the perfect instructor.  But now I can laugh and I practice instant forgiveness for the mistakes that I make during class.  I am not afraid to share my heart, my sorrows, my fears, my joys.  It amazes me the connection I’ve built by opening my heart and become vulnerable during class.  My students didn’t care that I constantly mess up.  It showed them that I am human and when I stop beating up on myself, they do they same.  They are able to let go and smile during their practice.  That is when yoga starts to work.  We are all interlinked.  We are inspired by each other and create a more harmonious world.  That is the bliss that I get when I teach yoga 🙂



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