The rave these days are all about organics: food, skin care, makeup …

But what about teaching?  How does an instructor teach organically?

In the Bapiste world, we build community within our teaching staff by providing each other with feedback.  These comments help the instructor get a vibe of on how our students felt in our classes.  These feedback is a way in which we grow and improve our skills.  I have found that when I am open to the feedback, I am able to apply it but there are often times, I feel like I am being molded into different things in order to BE BETTER. When I feel this way, I have to remind myself to not take these feedback sessions to personal.

As I grow as an instructor, I have started to teach outside of the Bapiste community.  I am able to grow ORGANICALLY.  In these classes, where I do not get feedback, I am able to play – use the skills I’ve learned and really be free to experiment and see what works and what doesn’t.  It’s amazing the responses I get from my students who are just there to take yoga.  Some of them have no idea that there are so many different disciplines out there.  All they know is they are doing Power Yoga.  And they come back week after week.  All my classes are different and I read the energy of the room in order to adapt my teaching to my students.  I have found a level of confidence I didn’t have before.  When I stumble, which seems to happen in every class, I am able to move forward.  It provides an opportunity for my students to connect with me and make them realize it’s ok to make mistakes.  I feel that my teaching have become more powerful yet there is more understanding and compassion that I give to my students.

I am reminded of how much I love to teach when I am fully engaged with my students.  I am in complete sync with them as they move through their sun salutations.  As I lead them into their twists, I also feel I am rinsing out the toxins in my body.  Sometimes, I find myself just as sweaty as the entire class.  There are classes where I leave totally exhausted, that’s when I know the entire community have just experienced something empowering.  The people that come to my classes inspire me in so many ways and they totally build the fire in me.  I have been told often that people would come to my class because they love the energy that I bring when I teach.  And I remind them, it’s because of them that I am able to show up BIG.  Before most of my classes, I ask my higher being to use me as a vessel to empower the people that is in the room with me.  We can create a positive environment everywhere we go.  I believe that and I am doing it all  over the greater DC area.




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