Variety adds a bit of spice to life.

I’ve learned that our bodies are so smart.  Within a short period of time, our bodies can get use to a workout and the sore feelings that we first get, seems to become harder to attain.

I have been feeling that way lately in my yoga practice.  I’ve worked very hard to learn the basic poses and I have accepted that every day, my body will be different.  I still have my scary poses – headstands for instance still brings a lot of fear to me.  I took an amazing Ashtanga flow class where I was taken WAY out of my comfort zone.  We were working on headstands for most of class.  I overcame my fear of falling.  I can fall very easily.  It doesn’t hurt and I got up.  I did it again and fell again and again.  I know that my work is to engage my core and totally align my body.  The love of the yoga was brought back to me.

There are so many disciplines of yoga out there. When I try a new class I find myself conflicted as the class starts.  The beauty is, I realize it right away and instead of sulking –  I tell myself, “It’s time to be a student and take on a beginner’s mind – be open to this opportunity.”  From there, I am able to learn something for every new class I take.  I’ve learned I actually enjoy taking more restorative classes to take care of my body.  I was surprised I had fun taking the challenging Bikram classes.

I’ve also have wander off the yogic path into more traditional aerobic classes.  That’s where the discomfort comes in.  Within 10 minutes, I am huffing and puffing.  I realize I need to connect with a different breathing pattern in order to survive.  My body gets so sore and the stories start to keep in.  I wonder if I am in tip top physical condition.  Do I need to lose weight?  Do I need to spend more time in the gym?  Am I out of shape?  What is wrong with me?  I have to remind myself that I am working totally different muscle groups in my body and the soreness is normal.  Ahhh…breath a sigh of relief.

Yes, Variety – I not only like to have it in my diet but it’s also great to have it in your own personal workout routine!



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