Teaching yoga not only is being a instructor – calling cues and holding the energy for students to find their fullest potential but it is all about connection.  Within the last six months, I have been teaching at 6 different studios and gyms in the greater DC area.  I feel that yoga can be accessible to EVERY body.  I have been blessed to have quite a few regular students at my classes and some I have came to know by first name basis.

People come to yoga for different reasons.  I teach a very rigorous practice.  Yet in my classes, I always ask my students to honor their body for the time they have on their mat right at that moment.  That may mean taking modifications or pushing yourself to the edge.  I have seen students excelling in their own way on their mat.  I see students coming in with doubts and leaving with a huge smile on their faces.  Often time someone would stay after class to tell me what they are going through and how yoga have helped them.  That is building a connection and allowing oneself to get raw in order to grow.  You can create a community through your connections by sharing your passion and love wherever you go.  That is the power of yoga.

Last night, as we were rolling up our mats, I told my class that I was cutting down my classes to one day a week.  One of my students, who have had a breakthrough in her practice on and off the mat, came to me in tears and said she understands and I have made a loving impact on her.  Sometimes, I don’t realize what I am doing.  I drive an hour for 20 miles in DC rush hour traffic to teach.  That is my sacrifice of time and patience.  When I come in and share this experience with my students – we become partners on a journey together.  I know that I have been enriched by the willingness, love and dedication of my students.  I honor each and every one of them for showing up BIG in my classes.  I teach because of that – because of people and the power that yoga can make in someone’s life.  Yoga has the power to heal.  It has helped me heal my wounds and evolve as a stronger and loving individual.  For most of us, this journal has just began.  I believe that people come into our lives for a purpose.  Everyone is a teacher.  Everyone has something to give.  I look forward to strengthening the connections I have found, even if it means I will not be teaching at certain locations or teaching less.  We all must look inside and make choices that are the best for us at every moment.  Just like our practice on the mat, we can choose to practice yoga off the mat.  That’s when true transformation happens.



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