Teach from Love, not Fear

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One of my dear friends came to my class to support me.  After class, she went up to me with a huge smile and said, “THAT was awesome!  You had so much fun teaching…and you taught with joy and not fear.”


I did not realize that I had been teaching with all sorts of restraints in the recent past.  I was trying to be a role model to the new teachers at the last studio I taught at that I allowed my obligations to take over my passion.  I had forgotten how much it is to be spontaneous and really just let loose.  That means, messing up, laughing, changing my mind in the middle of the sequence and simply having fun!

In this time of transition, I am blessed to have so many doors open up to me.  I am able to explore the possibilities within my teaching and share it with my students.  Even more than that, my students are so open and accepting of the new sequences I bring into my classes now.  I feel the adrenaline in me as I flow through my class.  I am able to see my students – their struggles, their joys, their accomplishments and sometimes, their pains. And we are all one.  I feel like I have numerous relationships in my classroom.  It was a beautiful web of love, trust, joy, exploration and motivation.  This is what I receive from my students!

My trainings in the past had helped me build a solid foundation in which to teach.  I am certain that what I teach can and does change lives.  But I felt that the more I teach, the more I learn from my own discoveries.  By taking other trainings, I become humble to the expansiveness of what yoga can offer.  It began as a very physical practice for me, and now it is a life style.  For each and everyone of us, yoga is so personal and so beautiful.  As an instructor, to be able to explore and creatively express yourself is a true gift you give to others.  The discipline of teaching a chosen style of yoga is only the beginning – allow your heart to lead you to where you need to go.

Thank you to my dear and loving fellow teacher, Erin Rauscher for your inspiration and support in the last few months.  As well as my mentor, Christen Scott for encouraging me to live my dreams.



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