Upcoming Workshops!

Assisting Maria Marin

Assisting Maria Marin

Power Vinyasa Yoga is a practice linking powerful breath with dynamic, flowing movements. Often referred to as meditation in motion, vinyasa yoga cultivates: strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, focus, and serenity.

In this Foundations workshop, you will learn the fundamentals in a Power Vinyasa Flow. Come to strengthen your practice, learn how to avoid injuries, work with the proper alignment of each pose, learn to use your breath to sustain your practice, and gain knowledge in the psychology of the sequence.

This workshop in highly recommended for those want to take their Vinyasa practice to the next level.

I will be teaching a Foundations of Power Yoga in both Vienna and Crystal City in February.

East Meets West Yoga Center

8227 Old Courthouse Road, Suite 310 | Vienna, Virginia 22182 | 703-356-9642

Saturday Feb. 16th from 2-4:30pm


Mind Your Body Oasis

1750 Crystal Drive | Alexandria, Virginia 22202 | 703-567-1290

Saturday Feb. 23rd from 1:30-3:30pm




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