IMG_1571“Blessed are those who have faith and cannot see”

Faith is the belief in love.  Fear is the disbelief in love.

During the 4th day of a 7 day yoga bootcamp with Baron Bapiste, I was frustrated and angry at myself.  I think the pissed off me was pretty apparent because I was called up in front of over 120 people to SHARE.  Yup, I was up there telling my whole group of teachers that I didn’t feel I was, “Good enough to be loved” and I was angry at myself for spending so much time and energy believing in this lie.  But somehow, I couldn’t shake it.  I had expected a miracle after spending a huge chunk of change to come to this bootcamp and that miracle was NO WHERE in sight!  Yes, I was a drama queen.  I admit it.

The coaching Baron gave me went something like this…

Baron: So, you did ‘THE WORK’ and now you expect things to just be all perfect?  But you still are living with your lie…

Me: Yes.  I did the work.  It took me about a year but I did it and I came to terms with it.  Or so I thought.  Obviously, I thought wrong.

Baron:  Ok.  Well, let’s look at it this way.  You were created from parents who love each other right?

Me: Yes.  They got married in January and had me in October.  It was either love or lust for two young people….

Baron:  Let’s say it was love.  

Me:  Ok.  I like to believe that.

Baron:  You were created from love.  You came out as a bundle of love.  You are love.  Love that is able to give love, receive love and be loved.  

Me:  That’s it?

Baron:  Yes.  It’s not complicated.  We make our lives complicated.  You are love and you are good enough to be loved.

The coaching was simple and clear.  And it wasn’t something I haven’t heard before.  It came in a different context at a time when I needed to hear it as simply as it was delivered.  And it all comes from the believing that having faith that love is the truth and fear comes from the Ego that tries to run my life.

Faith in the truth.  The truth that love can and will overcome fear.  If we give into fears and scarcity, the Ego tricks the mind in believing that we are not enough.  Not enough to be loved, not beautiful enough, smart enough, sexy enough, rich enough.  The games that we allow the Ego to play.

What will happen if we give up the need to be perfect?  If we can quiet the Ego?  Not listen to the lies?

I think we will be able to see the truth and beauty in people, that there is good in everyone.  We are created in the image of God and that is more than good enough.  If we have faith that Love is the Truth and the Truth will set us free.  Free from the chains of the Ego that keeps on telling us lies about ourselves.  When we can stop listening to the Ego then we can eliminate the stresses in our lives so we can pursue our own happiness.

How do we do that?  Quiet the Ego?

For me, it’s an everyday process of self affirmation, acceptance, forgiveness and sharing of my own personal beliefs.  At times when I am not able to stay positive, I seek help from my greater spiritual God to help me.  We are not alone.


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