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Barefoot Business Breakthrough weekend in Maui is one of the most brilliant ideas of Deborah Williamson and Kelli Lin Knott.  I have been hearing so many rave reviews from various yogis that I must meet Debbie for years now…in the chaos of my life – I got on the plane and here I am back in Hawaii.  The tranquility of the island of Maui and the Zen like atmosphere of this resort allows me to really look internally to determine who I am and what I can create.

Debbie and Kelli’s personalities are fun, creative and empowering.  They listen to what I had to say, my fears, my obstacles and my resistance.  With each conversations, they didn’t judge me but rather said ok, well – look at it this way, you can still do it and be successful.  I love Debbie’s words, “I can’t wait to see how success you will be – it will happen.  No doubts.”

I come from a family of entrepreneurs who took risks to build something great for their family.  I’m not afraid of working, actually I work too much because I don’t know how to relax.  But what sets me apart is I still buy into my fears of what I think is failure.

Failure of what?

I teach at 6 studios in the greater DC area.  SIX!  That’s a lot of managing where I am suppose to be WHEN, what day, etc.  Not to be cocky, but if I didn’t know what I was doing, these studios wouldn’t want me teaching there.  I am so blessed to have all of the opportunities – however, once the door opens and you walk through it, boy, you better deliver or there will be someone else ready and able to take over your classes.

So what is it?  Failure…

Today, in my session with Debbie, I realized it was my fear of commitment to myself.  As I was speaking, I left like a dumbass.  Why, can’t I commit to myself?  Why can’t I believe that I can be successful when so many people think I can do anything?  Am I a hypocrite because I teach my students to look within – love the person on their mat, believe that you can do the pose, FAKE IT til YOU MAKE IT!  I had all the excuses…but Debbie had all the contrary evidence…No, was not in her vocabulary.  It was all, JUST DO IT! (I’m not sure if she got this from Nike or Nike stole it from her.)  I had to take a look deep, deep inside.

This morning, I was informed that my grandmother passed away.  She had a stroke earlier in the week and her death was quick and painless.  My grandmother, a woman in her late 80s, was so witty, strong, smart and kind.  She survived the French invasion and the Vietnam War being illiterate.  She helped my grandfather with his various businesses in Vietnam before moving to the United States in the early 1990s.  I remember my cousins telling me she took the bus from their house in Orange County to Little Saigon to shop.  She didn’t let the fact that she couldn’t read or write or even know English stop her.  She was determined and she was going shopping!  My mom told me when she married my dad, my grandmother taught her how to cook and take care of me.  She reminded me that even if my grandmother’s demeanor seemed tough, she is full of love for her family.  She was that tigress who always took care of her cubs.

So what I am so afraid of?  God have given me this family who is so strong who withstand economic obstacles in Michigan to build striving businesses .  I came from a lineage of incredible strength, endurance and hard work.  I have all the tools to be successful.  It’s time to live YOGA off the MAT and live fully.Image


2 thoughts on “Business Breakthrough

  1. Fantastic post. Thanks for sharing! Debbie is so gifted at helping to draw out our dreams, our talents, and our passion. I have no doubt you will continue to do great things!

  2. Ha I love this blog! As independent business women we need nudges like this. One of my favorite sayings is ” fear is excitement on pause”. Time to let go of the pause button! You are ready!
    Lynn Hatch Wellness
    Discover True Health

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