OM Power Yoga Designs


Fear can be a crippling disease that paralyzes and freezes a person.  Space and clarity bring about renewed hope and passion to drive a person to direct action to total fulfillment of the pursuit of their happiness.

My passion as I was growing up was design.  As a young girl, I wanted to be the next Vera Wang and my best friend thought for sure, I was going to design wedding gowns for a living.  That path changed as I went to high school and did an internship at a few architectural firms.  I graduated college in 4 years with a BA in Interior Design, I was pursuing what I thought was my passion.  My  career path was challenging during the recession of the early 2000s and I was laid-off a few times.  Raised as a tough immigrant, that didn’t phase me – I will get it and continue!  That was what I did for almost 10 years and I was so bored, unchallenged and depressed.

Lost and confused in a career that I thought was what I wanted to do when I grew up – I was scared to leave it until my manifestion came true.  I had been teaching yoga part-time and I counted the minutes to when I can teach my classes.  Then it happened – I was let go from a new position that paid really well.  It was time to make the tough decision of following my new passion or paying the bills…  Ah, the passion won again!

Within the last few weeks, I’ve blended my two passion of design and yoga into OM Power Yoga Designs.  I started creating Yoga Inspired Jewelry.  I had no idea that a new hobby would bring joy to people who have bought my bracelets and necklaces.  Even more, I already have repeat customers and my jewelry are showcased in two studios in Virginia and soon will be in California.  I am so blessed 🙂  Sometimes, just being with what is can create the momentum for inspiration and creation to happen through you!

I will be launching my jewelry on Etsy soon so please stop by my shop on August 1st and help a sista out!



One thought on “OM Power Yoga Designs

  1. Ha, I LOVE it! I will definitely visit your Etsy site and buy! Hope that you are well- I am good- enjoying some great time with my kids, husband and extended family at the beach in NC 🙂 

    xoxoxo Jen

    PS- I copied my new email address above- I don’t really use this one anymore so if you could add the new one, that would be great!


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