Yoga is a journey

The yoga journey never ends.

This fall, I finally received my Baptiste Power Vinyasa certification after months of work fulfilling the requirements.  I realized that it was much more than the sequence that Baron Baptiste taught but it is the philosophy that I believed in.  I taught his Journey Into Power sequence ‘religiously’ for over 3 years and it had been engrained in me.  I breathed it, lived it, struggled to memorize it (haha, 56 poses is a lot for a 90 minutes class) and been with it.

Now, I create my own sequence in a lot of my classes, the Baptiste skeleton is still there.  I couldn’t have asked for a better foundation to build my career from.  I feel I am physically, mentally and emotionally stronger because I have the Baptiste building blocks. It had worked for me and I have seen it work for countless of people.

This past weekend, as I strolled through the Yoga Exhibit: Art of Transformation at the Sackler Gallery, I noticed I know every little about yoga.  The ancient history is over 5000 years old and had been totally reshaped over the centuries.  The yoga, the asana practice that the Western world calls “yoga” was developed quite recently.  What we have now is profoundly accessible to so many people on so many levels.  That is what I truly am grateful for and try to provide for my students.

I have expanded my teacher from Baptiste Power Vinyasa to non-heated Vinyasa, Beginner’s yoga, Yoga Nidra, Mommy and me yoga and soon Prenatal Yoga.  I never thought my journey would lead me in a circle that encompass such a wide range of ages from an unborn yogi to those who are in their 60s.

Over the summer, in my frustrations with the Baptiste certification process (it was mainly me being technologically challenged), that I questioned if I have wandered too far from my training.  One of my students who had went to an Immersion recently with Baron Baptiste, told me that she can see how my philosophy really aligns with my teacher.  I may not teach outright JIP much but it is the foundation of what I teach through the asanas and through yoga.



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