About Ha

I took my first yoga class in a gym when I was living in Michigan.  I remembered being sore for 2 days afterwards and feeling every muscle in my body.  I went from lifting weights and doing cardio 3-5 times a week to step-aerobics, kick-boxing and yoga.  My yoga instructors even encouraged me to teach but I brushed that aside, not knowing that I will revisit the idea a few years later.

In 2009, I needed to do something to get back into shape after moving to the greater DC area.  Through the physical practice, I was made aware of the restraints in my body.  I had knots in my upper shoulders, popping sounds in my joints, pains in my ankles and knees.  I had no idea what my body was telling me.  I didn’t realize that when I step onto my mat, I was facing MYSELF.  I wasn’t happy.  I didn’t like who I was.  I questioned my decisions in life and why I was living in DC when all of my friends and family were in Michigan.  My mat is the mirror into my life.  This wasn’t what I had expected to come from my yoga practice.  I just wanted to get in shape and looked good.  The power of transformation entered my life…

The feeling of peace and accomplishment after 90 minutes of sweating in a hot room made me realized that I am much stronger than I gave myself credit.  After 6 months of practicing Bapiste Power Vinyasa Flow, I approached the owner of the studio, where I practiced and told her I wanted to become a yoga instructor.  I want to share the inspiration and empowerment that I felt during my practice with others.

In February 2010 , I went to my first bootcamp with Baron Bapiste in Hawaii.  The week long training was intense.  I was crying every day and the floodgates to my soul started to open up.  I left telling myself that, “Everything happens for a reason and I will let this yoga thing happen organically.”  I returned to Virginia to start my teaching career as well as becoming one of the senior assistants.  My path as a teacher was messy.  I credit my mentor, Christen Iannone for taking my classes,  giving me valuable feedback and encouragement.  I went to Level Two Teacher Training bootcamp in September 2011.  Again, the emotional rollercoaster was unbelievable.  I felt alive and wasn’t afraid to open up to the people I met.  That was when I realized that I could no longer ignore my passion for teaching yoga.  I manifested that I wanted to do this full-time and within a few months, that came true.

I stepped away from my 10 yr career of commerical interior design to pursue yoga full-time in the Fall of 2011.  I am blessed to have loving and supportive friends that have been cheering me on.  I look forward to a life full of creating possibilities for myself and others in my yoga journey.  As a student of yoga, I share my experience  as I stand to teach class.  We are on a journey together when we practice as a community.  I learn from my students, they teach me that it is ok to open up and be authentic.  When I teach from love, I can inspire and empower people to see the good that is within them.




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