23 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Ha, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving the Yorktown athletes the opportunity to experience a good Baptiste Power Vinyasa. Teenagers are skeptical of most everything their friends aren’t doing, so for them to show up and keep showing up is a great credit to you and your energy. Many of the girls have told me how good they feel the rest of the day, how certain nagging sore spots clear up and how focusing on the breathing gets them though some really difficult races (like ergometer tests!). These kids are learning tools they will be able to use in aspects of their life.

    I have no doubt, that many more athletes and their parents will seek out yoga as part of a healthy lifestyle!

  2. Doing yoga with Ha not only gave me a good workout, but it also alleviated my back pain which made me so happy because nothing really worked for me up until then! She is the only person I want to do yoga with. She has an infectious personality and I see a lot of joy when she teaches yoga which translates into the people who take her class – Everyone leaves with a smile on their face. 🙂

  3. I’ve been taking Ha’s classes at Dancing Mind Yoga for a year now, and I love, love, love them! She knows the poses inside and out, and her teaching style is very clear and easy to understand. More importantly, she makes yoga FUN! She manages to make me laugh at least once every class, and usually more than once -and that’s so helpful during a difficult pose! I’ve learned so much from her classes and have had an amazing time in them!

  4. Ha,

    Thank you so much for the love, passion and laughter you bring to all of your classes! You always find the way to inspire and push us to reach our personal best. Thank you for being such a wonderful member of our yoga community, and the awesome workouts!

  5. Ha’s personal journey – spiritually, mentally, and physically has been nothing short of phenomenal. Having known her for over 5 years now, I have witnessed the tremendous amount of growth and maturity Ha has gone through. Her commitment to the teachings and studies of Yoga is not just her profession, but a way of life. She truly understands the art of the practitioner, and is absolutely adept at teaching others the same principles. If you learn from Ha, you are learning from the best! I am happy to have seen with my own eyes just how wonderful her positive Yoga affirmations truly are.

  6. I was a “newbie” and still at the beginning of getting my flow on and had only been to a few basics classes when one night for the first time I ventured into an All Levels Class. Needless to say I was terrified not knowing what to expect. In comes Ha with that beautiful smile and the flow began. I felt so challenged, encouraged, and entertained. That was my first exposure to Ha and I’m thrilled to say that my flow has strengthened as has my relationship with Ha.

    Being a Teacher Assistant not only do I have the pleasure of having her kick my butt in the studio (all while smiling) but also she is a wonderful mentor as she teaches us how to be better assistants in the studio.

    Ha is a wonderful light at DMY. I have seen Ha grow tremendously and consistently as she completes boot camps, work shops and takes on more active roles in the yoga community. Many of us were thrilled when she decided to become a “Full Time Yoga” teacher. Her dedication, energy and love for yoga shows each time she steps into the studio. A true inspiration to me!

  7. Haaaaaaaaa! I remember thinking the very first time I took your class, “I want to know this girl!” Energy and positivity flows out of you – teaching is effortless for you and it shows. You have found your calling in life and are following your dreams and that is so inspiring to me; I find myself examining my own life and aspiring to that as well. Your classes make me feel good inside and out – it’s like 80% workout, 20% therapy. Thank you for sharing your journey with us, I’m so glad I get to be a part of it and I am so excited to see the things you will do!

  8. Ha bring compassion and an amazing sense of humor yoga. Whether its a basics, all level, or intermediate class, Ha works you to your physical and mental edge and will leave you feeling with lightness DURING class, and not just after the class. I love taking Ha’s class as it is invigorating, fun, and positive!

  9. Ha radiates beauty and strength from the inside out. She is a powerful, “hands on” yoga teacher who will assist you in a way that brings ease and power to your practice. Ha has a hearty laugh and a playful approach that she brings to her challenging yoga classes.

  10. Ha has a very personal touch in her teaching style. She brings so much joy and humor to every single one of her class, while still challenges us to explore our bodies and go a little further than we usually do. I have seen Ha teaching all level, basic and intermediate classes, and in every class, she breaks down the poses to make sure we get them right, while still introduces room for us to play and explore.

    Every time I take Ha’s class, I walk out with a big smile on my face. Ha’s class helps you sweat all your trouble away – you walk out exhausted, relieved, happy, and sore – from both the abs series and from laughing too hard. I couldn’t ask for more from a yoga teacher!

  11. Your class is a week to week
    part of my life. Every bit of my life counts for significant purpose. Our
    journey together is independent and intertwined. I have watched you
    grow out of who you thought you were supposed to be, and into
    who you have been all along. You live now with clear strength and
    embrace just who you are. I never take time to dwell on it, but inevitably
    we are affected by where we go and with whom we spend our time. There
    is hope and gratitude that I take away from joining you on your journey.
    I believe I am letting go of the overbearing seriousness of who I think I’m
    supposed to be. Certainly in your presence, in your class, I feel less constrained.
    More frequently in your class, than elsewhere, I experience a joy that is
    innocent and genuine.

  12. Ha teaches an incredibly light and fun vinyasa class. Her authenticity and ability to laugh bring ease to her students and classes. Ha can be both challenging and nurturing. Her assists are by far her strong suit. You will feel Ha’s strength, love and ease in every assist she gives you. I highly recommend Ha as a yoga teacher. You will be amazed at how much fun yoga can be after taking one of Ha’s classes!

  13. Ha is one of the most powerful influenced people I have met since I started my practice at Dancing Mind Yoga. I have not only learned what it is like to be healthy, but learn how to find a deeper relationship with my body, heart, mind and spirit. I love and appreciate the attitude of celebration that Ha has created, along with the environment she brings

  14. Ha is fearless and inspires me to “go for it” on and off the mat. Her classes are both challenging and empowering. Thank you Ha for being my teacher and mentor.

  15. Ha’s combination of humor and insight can get a class motivated like no one else. I’ve been taking classes with Ha for as long as she has been teaching and they are always fresh and new, and most of all a reflection of Ha’s willingness to lead by example and share her own journey with us. Thanks Ha!

  16. Ha’s smile and laughter is contagious. I’ve had the pleasure to practice with Ha many, many times, and I always leave her classes feeling empowered, nurtured, and happy. She has an amazing sense of humor; however, that does not compromise her knowledge and passion of power vinyasa. Her connection with each student, especially through her assists, engages everyone to share the journey and encourage each other to push a little farther, laugh a little harder, and find ease where needed. Ha is a mentor and a compassionate instructor who instantly offers all of her insight and love.

  17. Fierce love, beauty, confidence, passion, integrity, joy, positive attitude and a big smile: these are some words that describe Mama Ha. Her classes inspire me to explore new possibilities and to go for the extra challenge, because I can do it with a sense of fun and lightness. Ha shows me that it’s much better to laugh and let go of worries or mistakes rather than making them into some big, overwhelming deal.
    Not only does her teaching inspire me, but her assists are amazing. She is always grounded and conveys power through her touch. She is not afraid to help you go deeper into a pose. The first time I shot back from crow into chaturanga was because Ha was there assisting me, and I felt completely supported and safe to do so.
    Ha is also a good listener and life coach. She is trustworthy. Thank you for everything, Ha!

  18. Joyful is the best way to decribe a yoga class taught by Ha and all the while she is empowering you to new challenges in both the physicality and spirit of your practice. Over the year I have known Ha her confidence and passion are fully present at ever single one of the classes and workshops I have attended. Thank you Ha for the laughter, compassion and tremendous assists!

  19. If you’re looking for a woman whose down to earth, present, and open to share herself to empower you to have an amazing yoga practice – look no further – Ha is here right now. I’ve been practicing in Ha’s classes since I started practicing Baptiste yoga, and it has truly been a blessing every class. She’s amazing at holding a space for you to connect with yourself, and experience yourself, and have some fun while you do it!

  20. You could say I am just entering into the senior citizen category of my life, but I don’t look or feel like it thanks to my personal Yoga sessions with Ha. Ha knows just what I can do, and love to do, to keep fit and healthy. She has streamlined a program for me with just the right emphasis on areas that I need to strengthen with just the right amount of modifications. I feel rejuvenated and fit after each session. Thanks so much Ha for your professional and personal touch in my life.

  21. I feel blessed to have Ha in my life and whenever I have a chance to take one of her power vinyasa classes I take it as I am guaranteed a fun yet challenging practice. Her passion for yoga, infectious personality, technical yoga knowledge, compassion, sense of humor, powerful voice and personal assists are what make her classes a unique treat. Thank you Ha for being you!

  22. Ha is a fantastic yoga teacher! She’s very compassionate, and her vivacious energy is contagious. I always leave her classes feeling strong and at ease. She keeps her students accountable and at the edge of their practice… no hiding in the back of the class!! With her educated touch and understanding of proper alignment, I have discovered how to (safely) go deeper into a pose and to drop any insecurities or anxieties I may have on the mat by just GOING FOR IT! Thanks to Ha, my yoga practice and subsequent confidence on the mat have grown tremendously! Above all, her humor always reminds me that even in the toughest of poses, you can find lightness and fun.

    Ha, thank you for being there for me and the rest of your students. I’m very grateful to call you my yoga teacher and friend!

  23. Ha is a wonderful yoga teacher and a great inspiration. Her classes are a mixture of joy, playfulness, strength and serious burn! Her assists are intuitive, empowering, and caring. She is also incredibly authentic which is evident in her teaching style (and her jokes during class are great!). I love taking her classes and have been taking as many as I can since she started teaching.

    Ha – Thanks for inspiring me to start my yoga teaching journey. You gave me a much needed kick in the pants when I had a moment of doubt about signing up…and because of your encouragement and support, I made one of the best decisions of my life! Thank you for being a great listener, mentor, and friend 🙂

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