Side Crow @ Yoga Bliss Studios

Ashley’s Side Crow!

Creating a new community in a new studio can be a daunting task but within the last month, I have found Yoga Bliss to be a very inviting and open environment.  I am allowed to teach without limitations and I have found it to be so liberating.  I am able to be creative and fully share my passion for yoga here.

Lately, I have been getting new students – new to yoga and new to the Bapiste practice.  They come in sometimes with fear and sometimes with doubt.  I find myself teaching from certainty.  I share my struggles in my own practice and I explain why this practice has changed my life.  The responses I’ve received had totally blown me away.  Students pushed their fears aside and STEPPED into their power by trying new poses, over and over again!  The looks I get range from fright to pure exhilaration is more than I could ever hope for.  Some students share their excitement of making it through their first heated practice with amazing breakthroughs.  I also have regular students which makes the 20 mile DC rush hour drive worthwhile.  Most of all, the joy I see in one particular student’s practice makes me realize I am making a difference.  She inspires me to teach from my heart and what a gift that is from one person to another!

Within one month, the owner had asked me to teach two additional classes during the weekend.  And I am about to teach my first workshop as well!  I am so excited to come in to co-create new possibilities with every student in each class I teach at Yoga Bliss Studio in the Kentlands.  Empowering community is evident everywhere when people are open to sharing the goodness that exists within each of us.


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